Welcome to theMedicaid Equity Simulation Project

A training experience using virtual reality to advance health equity through cultural competency.



Appalachia is a 205,000-square-mile region stretching from New York to Mississippi. The 32 Appalachian counties of Ohio, 13 are designated as economically “at-risk” or “distressed.” This involves numerous barriers to healthcare, including poverty, lack of access, education and low empowerment.

Various factors contribute to health inequities of people living within the region. But there are also positive characteristics to draw from in the Appalachian culture: a strong sense of community, family, religion and work ethic.

Social determinants and health inequities are the primary cause of the health disparities we see in people with diabetes and opioid use disorder in rural Southeastern Ohio.
The purpose of these trainings is to confront our implicit biases, call attention to social determinants of health and Appalachian culture, and delineate their relationship to the diabetes and opioid epidemics.
This training module consists of two series of virtual reality experiences. You can do one or both.
Training I:
Diabetes in Appalachia

Lula Mae is a 72-year-old grandmother who has lived with type 2 diabetes for 22 years.

Training II:
Living with Addiction

Destiny is a 23-year-old pregnant woman attempting to overcome her struggle with addiction to opioids.

This training is best viewed on a computer or tablet.

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